A fresh start for Spring 2017

Over the last year, my thoughts have been increasingly limited to one of two subjects – my work, or my headache research.  Things have been getting more stressful at work, and my research has all but ground to a halt.  CJ made the comment a couple of weeks ago that I needed to pick up a hobby again, just so I would have SOMETHING else to think about.  The more I thought about it, the more I was convinced she was right.

These last few days, I’ve published a few blog posts I had planned, and am putting Project Nesso in cold storage until further notice.  In its place will be a project that CJ and I have been planning for a while – a math game that helps you learn and practice solving algebraic equations.  I’ll be building it on the Unity 3D framework, which means I’ll be playing with a very familiar programming language again – C#.  It also means I’ll be able to dust off my technical blog, and post some fresh content there.

And of course, starting a new project in spring just makes sense, doesn’t it?