Funnies from Lucy–now with extra sharpness!

Ok – who gave Lucy access to the whetstone?!  Her wit got a whole lot sharper over the last year.

(Lucy & CJ were playing with LEGOs)
Lucy Character 1: We have to take emergency measures!
Lucy Character 2: Wait – how do you measure an emergency?

(Lucy was cutting up carrots a little loudly)
Mark: You don’t have to be all “Hulk cut!” with them.
Lucy: (Sullenly).  Ok.  I’ll cancel the costume.

(Lucy was drinking orange juice; the container read “Calcium & Vitamin D”)
Lucy: I didn’t know our O.J. had calculus in it.
CJ: (with a little laugh) nice one.
Lucy: Though I’m sad it doesn’t have plus.
CJ: Haha!

Lucy: I brew potion.  (trying to pronounce “Ibuprofen”)

Mark: You can’t just read random numbers and turn them into the current time.
Lucy: Well then we gonna (sic) make some changes to the natural laws of physics.

Mark (walking into the room): IT IS I – YOUR ANCESTOR
Lucy: I farted in approval of your arrival.
Mark: …