Visuals you need

Several times in the past, I’ve posted funny things heard around the Gilbert household, but today is all about the visual.  Like this grumpy bottle of hot sauce at my favorite restaurant.

10 - Angry Hot Sauce

Definitely hasn’t had his hot cup of joe yet.

And then there’s this guy.

20 - Bacon Detector

Who literally screams for breakfast meat if we don’t shut the door.

Next we meet Steve…

30 - Cat Man-Do

…sporting his cat man-do.

Moving along, we find Bob:

40 - Tater Tot SupervillianOrigSmall

A tater tot who went to the dark side.

50 - Tater Tot SupervillianEdited

And became the evil C. Ouch Potato.

The final image is a PSA for why you keep the password to your computer secure, even from your loved ones.  I came home one evening to find this set as my desktop.

60 - Are you not entertained

Eh tutu Brutus?