“Ridiculously endangered”

First a little background.  We had some friends over for dinner a week or so ago, and someone mentioned interviews.   Katherine piped up –  "Speaking of interviews, I was interviewed by the NY Times today."

The conversation came to a screeching halt.  You were what?!?  Why didn’t you tell us?  What did the reporter ask you?

The reporter, Ted C. Fishman, was doing a story on the Kalamazoo Promise, and he wanted to interview kids from the elementary level on up about what they thought about it.

The article can be found here and the slideshow here.

So the NY Times article on the Kzoo Promise came out, and the website version has a multimedia slideshow attached where elementary kids explain how they feel about the Promise and what their future plans are.  Katie’s not in the photos, but she is in the audio that accompanies them.  She spells her name, later describes the Promise as "real cool", and – after the other kids describe wanting to grow up to be pro football players, business owners, actresses, doctors, vets, etc. – she describes how she might like to grow up to go to New Zealand to help the kakapo or the tree kangaroos because they’re "ridiculously endangered."

That is definitely *my* daughter speaking there.